Terms, Conditions, Club Roles and Responsibilities
for these Chia gems ! ! !

Bored Whales Chia Club {BWCC} official minting DECENTRALIZED ID (DID) - did:chia:13vkd00w8pstcjjktwkez9cg5y5tzsht5pru3n476lrg6ge0tcp0qn0ht3d

Bored Whales Chia Club {BWCC} is an NFT collection of 9999 unique Bored Whales NFTs with varying properties. These unique digital collectables are living on the Chia Blockchain to praise the creator and delight the collectors with differentiated value including true digital ownership, low transaction fees and true decentralised trading.

Welcome to the club and let's dive deep with the whales. See you on the DeepSide and keep in mind 'Responsibility Runs Deep'!!!


This is one of the first 10K collections minted on the Chia blockchain which contains hidden secret data (St3gan0graphy technique) on some of the digital collectibles (NFTs). By revolutionizing, the concept and raising awareness of energy costs and high minting fees associated with other blockchain platforms!

Bbboring stuff, but essential!!!


We know that no one wants to read the T&Cs and the fine print, but it's important that you do so that you can dive deep with the whales and enjoy your NFT collection.

This non-fungible token (NFT) license agreement is between You (the "NFT Collector / NFT Hunter") and the creator of this NFT collection (the "NFT Creator"). In consideration of the mutual covenants, terms and conditions of this NFT Agreement, the parties agree that:


You, as the proud owner of the Bored Whales NFT, are hereby granted worldwide, non-exclusive, personal, unlimited permission to use the images contained within the collection for any commercial and non-commercial purposes that you see fit, by the NFT Collector. This includes displaying the Artwork on social media platforms, digital galleries, digital museums or otherwise on the Internet. However, there are some exceptions, which are outlined in point (3) below.


(1) "Non-FunGible Token (NFT)" means a unique digital blockchain-tracked, non-fungible token that serves as a digital asset, also know as digital collectible or digital artwork. NFT, in this instance, represents an image of a Bored Whale.
(2) "NFT Transaction / Transfer / Send / Receive": Built in functionality of the Chia client to transfer an NFT to a target wallet or smart coin address.
(3) "Chia Offer": Built in decentralised peer-to-peer exchange capability available through Chia Graphical User Interface (GUI) and/ or Command-line interface (CLI) to create and accept trade offers for coins, NFTs and/ or other CATs.
(4) "NFT Creator" means the entity or person who created entire NFT Collection (all digital images, artwork, design, drawings, layers, graphics, text, logos, photographs, video and audio files, etc.) and performed the original minting of the Bored Whales NFT collection.
(5)"NFT Owner" means the person or entity that (a) originally purchased or received the Bored Whales NFT from the NFT Creator or from an NFT Marketplace; or (b) purchased/received on an NFT Marketplace from a legitimate owner of that NFT; or (c) purchased/received through Chia Offers from a legitimate owner of that NFT.
(6) "DID ID" is DECENTRALIZED ID on Chia Blockchain also known as a DID Wallet.
(7) "NFT Collection": The entire 9999 unique NFTs containing Bored Whales digital art, officially minted by DECENTRALIZED ID (DID) did:chia:13vkd00w8pstcjjktwkez9cg5y5tzsht5pru3n476lrg6ge0tcp0qn0ht3d
(8) "NFT Parties" means the NFT Collector / NFT Hunter and NFT Creator collectively.
(9) "NFT Party" means the NFT Collector / NFT Hunter or NFT Creator individually.
(10) "Third Party Intellectual Property" means any third-party copyrights, trademarks, patent rights (including, without limitation, patent applications and disclosures), trade secrets, know-how or any other intellectual property rights recognized in any country or jurisdiction in the world.


As the Collector, you are free to use the NFT as you please, but you need to bear in mind the following exceptions: - You cannot use the images to create NFTs that resemble Bored Whale. You cannot sell copies of only the image outside of trading the actual NFT. You cannot transfer the NFT free of charge to a new owner, and receive separate compensation outside of a direct 'Offer' transaction in an attempt to get round the 5.99% royalty. You cannot use the images in violent or obscene settings. You cannot create directly derivative works based on the Bored Whales NFT collection without explicit written consent of the creator.


If you want to print the likeness of the image(s) to enjoy as stickers, you can do so. However, it is forbidden to then sell such stickers for profit. You are granted permission to sell such a sticker for the cost of producing the said sticker. You cannot sell the image by itself outside of selling the original NFT, but it may be allowed to use the image in an artistic form and as part of another image, as long as it doesn't violate the exceptions mentioned above.


Ownership is defined as the person who has control of the private keys in which the singleton's puzzle hash has been set to. Ownership may be transferred freely to another entity using the NFT transfer functionality, or sold to another entity via the built in Offer system on the Chia Blockchain.


This license is valid for as long as you are the Owner of the NFT and abide by the laid out NFT Licence Agreement. If you decide to transfer the ownership to a new Owner, and upon doing so, you are released from the terms and rights granted by the license.


Neither the creator of this collection - Bored Whales NFT - nor the company Chia Network Inc., is to be held accountable or liable for damages of any kind, experienced by the Owner. This includes but is not limited to: financial difficulties, loss of profit, loss of digital asset, or any accidental damages that may occur. It is the Owner's responsibility to practice good security measures and financial stability.


Any trademarks and products of brand names referenced in this collection are property of their respective owners. Other company logos, products, and names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

In addition, keep in mind that All Terms, Conditions, Club Roles and Responsibilities are subject to change without prior notice!!!
Good luck and have fun!!!